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African Child

Endangered Childhood

A Difficult Predicament

Who among us has not been confronted at one time or another, through the media or while traveling, with the sight of human misery and, more specifically, with the sight of children's misery?

Some pictures and statistics cannot leave us indifferent and often, when we encounter them, we say to ourselves that something ought to be done for those people, that our own difficulties are negligible in comparison with the ones they have to contend with in their constant struggle for survival.

But however well-intentioned our resolutions may be, they are often quickly forgotten, swept out of our minds by the geographical distance which separates us from those poor countries and by our own personal cares as we go about our daily tasks, leading busy but comfortable lives in some of the planet's richest societies. Another world within the same world.

Should we let things stand as they are?

When you stop to think about it and ask yourself what can be done, you quickly discover that the means to act do, in fact, exist and that it takes no specialized knowledge of relief work, no unusual effort and no deep personal vocation (not everyone can be an Albert Schweitzer!) to put them into practice.

Child sponsorship is one of those means. Although still poorly understood by the general public, this formula provides a wide range of advantages to anyone who has decided, even with a minimal investment, to come to the rescue of children living in distress.

Sponsorship as a means of action

Get informed!

After taking no more than half an hour to read the following pages, the vast majority of you will be in a position to commit yourselves to becoming a child sponsor with absolutely no impact on your standard of living. So come on, take your head out of the sand and give it a go!

Nota Bene

  • Throughout these pages the term "organization" refers both to relief organizations in general and to organizations specializing in the sponsorship of needy children.

|||||| Education in the world: an urgent situation!

Today more than 100 million children in the world, 60% of whom are girls, still do not have access to schools. 250 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 have to sell themselves to the labor market - 150 million of them in appalling conditions - to earn a living or merely to survive. 875 million adults in the world - 2/3 of them women - are illiterate.
(Quoted from the site "Aide et Action")


Aide et action
53, Boulevard de Charonne
75545 PARIS Cedex 11
Tél. 01 55 25 70 00
e-mail Aide et Action
Enfants du Mekong
5, rue de la Comète
Tél. 01 47 91 00 84
e-mail Enfants du Mékong
La chaine de l’espoir
96, rue Didot
75014 PARIS
Tél. 01 44 12 66 66 (sponsorship service Tél. 01 44 12 66 50)
e-mail La chaine de l'espoir
Vision du monde
7, rue Pasquier
75008 PARIS
Tél. 01 49 49 11 12
e-mail par formulaire sur le site
Plan France
11, rue de Cambrai
75019 PARIS
Tél. 01 44 89 90 90
e-mail Plan France
40, rue Vivenel BP 70311
60203 COMPIEGNE Cedex
Tél. 03 44 20 92 92
e-mail Partage
Centre Français pour l’enfance (CFPE)
23, place Victor Hugo
Tél. 01 43 90 63 23
e-mail CFPE


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